for first three months

100 Kč/year
for first sensor

50 Kč/year
for each additional sensor

No. of sensors Yearly pay
1 100 Kč
2 150 Kč
3 200 Kč
4 250 Kč
5 300 Kč
10 550 Kč

Owner is not a VAT payer.

The service fee is rather symbolic and it's charged annually. You can add more sensors to your account at any time. The minimum number of sensors that need to be paid for the next year depends on the number of sensors under your account.

Do you want to support TMEP?
Order more sensors than you actually need

One domain with statistics is one sensor where you can have up to three values (temperature, humidity and pressure/CO2).

After registration, you get 3 months of free service and this trial version starts running only after you start measuring on some sensor under your account. After one day you will see your account "valid until" date (basically count with three months).

You will receive a total of 3 reminders about the end of the subscription, and a month after it ends, the server will stop showing tabs with graphs and historical data. Year after subscription expires could be those data deleted. You can extend the subscription from your user account, when you choose the number of sensors to pay for and then immediately have a available invoice including the possibility of payment online or via QR code. Price is in CZK, outside Czech republic is available only for individuals and not companies (we do not pay VAT).